Saturday, 20 May 2017


Published in the Sunday Telegraph's Enigmatic Variations series as No. 1277: Remake by Eclogue on 7th May 2017.

Half of the clues are missing a letter in their definition, while the other half have gained those same letters in a different order.  When rearranged, the letters provide a thematic link to a surname that appears in the initial grid.  Solvers must replace this name with one reflecting the modern REMAKE of the theme, leaving all real words or proper nouns throughout the grid.

Letters omitted (NO SLIM MIDFIELD UNWORTHY) or added (IN RUN-OF-THE-MILL DOWDYISM) to clues can be rearranged to spell “THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND”, used as the theme to the 1968 film, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR starring Steve MCQUEEN.  The 1999 REMAKE starred Pierce BROSNAN in the lead role.

                                  INITIAL GRID                                                          FINAL GRID

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