Thursday, 31 March 2016

Alphabetical Jigsaw

The crossword process of WRITE IN, QUESTION, DELETE, WRITE IN is assisted by the highlighted PENCIL.

This time the answers to W, Q, D and W again are possibly relevant to the mindset of solvers in the course of solving crossword puzzles.

This was an Alphabetical Jigsaw published as Prize Puzzle no. 1707 in the February 2016 edition of 1 Across.

~~~ As that particular month's Prize Puzzle it was allocated its own space for solvers' comments: ~~~

Favourite Clue: W            Enjoyment: 7/10
I very much enjoyed the twist at the end of the puzzle & made the whole puzzle worth the effort.

Favourite Clue: (C) COTOPAXI    Enjoyment: 8.3/10

Favourite Clue: LOHENGRIN        Enjoyment: 8/10
Interesting anagram in context with a definition of faint heart previously unknown.

Favourite Clue: P.            Enjoyment: 8.5/10
How cleverly timed to fit in with Radio Four becoming (via Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying”) a more than surprising source of Liberal pure sex!
Great Fun!  Already noted the coincidental linkage to R4’s exploration of 1970’s naughtiness – was clue B somehow related to the word play of clue P?  Thankfully, the “tool” offered in the final grid was a pencil and nothing more “meaty”!

Favourite Clue: I - ISLANDER       Enjoyment: 8/10
I like its brevity.

Favourite Clue: lohengrin        Enjoyment: 8.2/10
Clever word play.

Favourite Clue: plexures            Enjoyment: 8/10
It conjured up some interesting scenarios.
I wasn’t expecting anything as prosaic as a pencil!

Favourite Clue: j: jury rig          Enjoyment: 10/10
It really foxed me!  For a long time I thought that ‘hesitation’ must be –ER, but could find no word in Chambers to fit.  Could Eclogue have used the OED?!And then I’d ignored ‘Your’ until I’d decided the hesitation must be –UR – and then it all fell into place…belatedly!
This puzzle was a real exercise in lateral thinking!  Although the hidden solutions (apart from VIBS) didn’t give much trouble, some of the others led to much wracking of brains, especially BLOWBALLS, ENGIRT and JURY RIG.  But the sense of satisfaction, when the solution was finally reached, was all the greater.  A most enjoyable puzzle.  And I’m now convalescing!

Favourite Clue: H             Enjoyment: 8/10
Not a word we see often!
A nice puzzle, well clued, thank you.
What’s this about “write in question delete write in”? Why? There’s room for everything.

Favourite Clue: S:             Enjoyment: 8/10
Learnt a new word!  Also, the key to getting started with the entries.

Favourite Clue: fedelini              Enjoyment: 7/10
A very nice charade clue.
The jigsaw-workwas fairly easy, but the vocabulary was mind-expanding!

Favourite Clue: rhinal Enjoyment: 9/10
witty anagram

Favourite Clue:                                 Enjoyment: 9/10

Favourite Clue:                 Enjoyment: 8/10

Favourite Clue: C. COTOPAXI      Enjoyment: 8/10
I always like finding words which I never knew existed from the components of the clue.
I managed to do this quite quickly but had a bit of a hold up in (L) bottom corner for a while.  Most of the clues straightforward & jigsaw quite easy to work out.  Needed dictionary to confirm quite a few answers & internet for Cotopaxi.

Favourite Clue: V             Enjoyment: 9/10
It was the most irritating – I quickly spotted the relevance of the four central words “flipping” for VBS, but I had no idea regarding the definition – eventually I learnt the “strong boots” connection & realised the cleverness of the clue.
A most enjoyable crossword with so many clever clues & much new vocabulary for me.  The relatively easy S clue was very helpful in placing other answers.

Favourite Clue: ‘Stamp collecting’             Enjoyment: 8/10
It was the first we solved and instantly made the rest of the crossword more solvable.
This was a lot easier than 1 Across puzzles usually are but that is in no way intended as criticism.  I am very much of the opinion that a complete range of puzzles, from easy to infernally difficult, makes for a good crossword diet.  The only clue that caused us any trouble was VIBS and we ought to have solved that instantly as it was kindly spelled out in reverse.  Thanks to Eclogue.