Saturday, 26 August 2017

Obeying a Rule


Every clue is OBEYING A RULE whereby each definition, in whole or in part, is disguised by a one word anagram contained an extra letter.  In clue order these extra letters provide the beginnings of a thematic opening. Six cells contain clashes of more than one letter forming thematic names which should be entered as Xs.  When complete, two rows can be re-arranged to form in one case a two-word thematic phrase and in the other two further thematic names, all of which should be written below the grid.   Numbers in brackets refer to grid entries.



The extra letters discarded from anagrams of definitions in clue order spell “GROUND FLOOR PERFUMERY STATIONERY AND LEATHER GOODS WIGS AND…. ”, the opening of the ARE YOU BEING SERVED? theme-tune.  Cells containing multiple letters spell GRAINGER, PEACOCK, SLOCOMBE, BRAHMS, HUMPHRIES and LUCAS in possible starting positions if the grid is taken as a plan of the shop-floor (the block representing the central stand / podium). The top and bottom rows can be re-arranged to form GRACE BROTHERS, RUMBOLD and HARMAN respectively.  OBEYING A RU(L)E can be re-arranged to form ARE YOU BEING, which is SERVED in accordance with the clue definitions.

The Cast of Obeying a Rule

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