Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Published in the January 2019 edition of 1 Across as Crossword no. 1884: Jigsaw+ by Eclogue

This was a blocked Jigsaw where the competitors had to discover the correct orientation of the grid...

...which is confirmed by DOWN LEFT in the obverse diagonal.

Some Solver Feedback

Quite a challenge - learned some new words! But very satisfying.

Some pretty obscure vocabulary, but I enjoy learning new words (wouldn't do the Azed else!). The F in two of the 15-letter words and the need to use 'cholera' in a position which would give an initial A were keys to getting the orientation.  

To fill up a grid like that with words/expressions seems quite an accomplishment for the setter. For the solver, it means widening one's knowledge with some of the solutions. 

Good. Always tricky to place jigsaws especially when there are many alternatives! Is it just me? 

Enjoyed this one particularly. 

Two thumbs up for Eclogue's high-quality puzzle in the January magazine!
With only 15- and 7-letter solutions, I decided my only hope was to solve as many 15-letter ones as possible, then look for potential crossers to get me started.  That worked very nicely!

Interesting. Long words seem easier!