Monday, 1 May 2017

In A _______

One unclued light is responsible for the others (one as a pair, lacking a definite article).

Solvers were required to complete the title of the puzzle thematically.

This puzzle celebrates the works of IAN MCEWAN, whose works include (THE) CEMENT GARDEN, ATONEMENT, SATURDAY, SOLAR and AMSTERDAM for which he won the Booker Prize.  As well as being a simple anagram of IAN, the title should be completed with NUTSHELL, the title of the writer’s latest work.

Solver Feedback: 

Most enjoyable, and not too challenging - 9.5/10. Lots of really good clues, although I don’t understand the subtlety of 39a - is this anything other than a straightforward definition? [Yes! And a very fine one at that. Ed] I assume the title is ‘In a nutshell’ following the theme of McEwan titles, but there is also a case for ‘In a new mac’, being an anagram of the author.

    Didn't get very far with Eclogue's puzzle despite giving it quite a bit of time.  I do approve of explicitly putting "Unclued" for clues to which this applies, particularly in grids; it can be difficult to see unclued entries otherwise.

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