Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sequence II

Appearing in the October 2016 edition of 1 Across, this is of course a sequel to Sequence which also appeared in 1 Across.  Timed to appear after the 2016 American Presidential elections, it was deemed timely for it to be included in the October issue, which, in practice would not be issued until November.


The sequence demonstrated by the unclued answers is the last 10 vice presidents of the United States of America: Hubert HUMPHREY, Spiro AGNEW, Gerald FORD, Nelson ROCKEFELLER, Walter MONDALE, George BUSH, Dan QUAYLE, Al GORE, Dick CHENEY and Joe BIDEN.  The next member of the sequence will be either Mike PENCE or Tim KAINE.  The winner announced after 8 November 2016 is to be highlighted.


Very good to get 10 names in a bar-grid and retain such a non-obscure vocabulary. Both potential answers were in there of course, so the puzzle could have been prepared in advance and then given on the day.