Saturday, 6 February 2016

Good Work

Puzzle 1422 in the Inquisitor series, this appeared in the Independent on 23 January 2016.  Its theme was to be derived from missing letters in the definitions, one per clue.  These gave the opening words of a novel, plus a two-word description of the author, which were to also indicate what should be removed from the grid so that the next instruction could take place.

The overlooked (or invisible) letters of definitions in clue order spell “THE STRANGER CAME EARLY IN FEBRUARY”, the opening words of THE INVISIBLE MAN by H.G.WELLS, described as a LETTERS MAN which indicated that all occurrences of the letters M, A and N were to be removed from the grid and the spaces delineated to read HGW.

The title, as well as potentially describing the novella also gives examples of words which comply with the theme, GOOD(MAN) and WORK(MAN).

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