Friday, 22 January 2010

Cross-over: Part II

Congratulations on reaching the second part of "Cross-over by Eclogue". For this mini-puzzle, all clues are normal, but once complete, the sixteen letters of the solution can be re-arranged to form a three-word phrase appropriate to the time of year. It is this phrase which should be submitted with the completed solution to the main puzzle.

1. Slates return of endless heroin (4)
4. Indian pulse beats, endlessly crude (3)
6. Ginger, say, takes British bird from the rear (4)
7. Heartless English guy is about to lay (4)

1. Youngster on promise finally's solid (4)
2. Get gear off in the rolling dunes (4)
3. Gazing at globes, she begins to exclaim (4)
5. Pike's rising to a degree (3)


Derek said...


John said...

John said "Hello fellow solvers"

Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone else who has reached this point.
That was very enjoyable. :-)

Mark N. said...

Repeat:- Sorry, I didn't mean to be anonymous. :-)

John_H said...

Well done Eclipse and Logogriph, and a very krafty finish! Thank you

W Fraser said...

Fantastic challenge!!!